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From: Martin Schulze <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 16:49:51 +0200
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Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> Also a little clarification:
> Recent Hypermail versions are designed to allow ALL necessary configuration
> to be made in the config file. You should *never* have to edit options.h
> or any other source file to alter configurations. I know some docs still
> say you should, but that's only because no one has updated them yet.
> If you find anything that isn't configurable in the config file or with a
> command line flag but is possible to tweak in the source and you want to do
> just that config, please let me know!

I wonder if all config file options are configurable via the command line. I run several mail archives and don't particularily like the idea to write a config file for each and every archive. Up to now I only use a few options so the current commandline arguments are sufficient for me.

However, things may changes and I wonder if there should be an option like --config "hm_foo=bar" while the argument to --config is parsed like each line in the config file.



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