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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 18:02:36 +0100 (MET)
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>From the Changelog:

This is mostly part of my trying to clean up a bit the generated HTML, to make it a bit more coherent.

The new custom-archives option allows you to add a free HTML text which will be shown as:

        Other mailing archives: your text

I added this as sometimes I wanted to add more links or say something different than what I could do with the standard about and archives options. For example, I'm using it now to add this to my archives:

   Other mail archives: [this mailing list] [other W3C mailing lists]

where [text] is actually a link, defined as follows in my .hmrc file:

custom_archives = <a href="../">[this mailing list]</a> <a href="../../">[other W3C mailing lists]</a>.

I let the "Other mailing archives:" text as is. Note that inside messages, this "other archives" item is shown as a list item.

For the moment, I only added this option when you're not using the use_tables option. I could add it there too, and let you define whatever you want to put inside the table. Tell me if you'd be interested.

Note that the standard about and archives options are still valid.


I finally decided to commit my ietf_mbox option as it was making me loose time when making updates or trying to commit other options. This option is transparent if not activated.

It allows you to parse mboxes which are formatted following the IETF convention

>From xxxx <-- envelope starts with ^From
>headers <-- all other lines are prefixed with a > char
>From xxx

For the developers... this was a simple change that only concerns parse.c. I defined a line_buf array which I use to make the fgets. I redefined as a ptr the line array, which was used to do the same thing as line_buf now.

If the ietf_mbox option is not enabled, line=line_buf; otherwise line=line_buf + 1. I use line_buf wherever we used to detect the
>From envelope, and let the code as is, so that it uses line as before.

This doesn't cause any membugs.

I will commit the doc update tomorrow.



p.s. I need some volunteer to give feedback on the new format I'm proposing before I feel confident to make the feedback. This new format isn't a major rewrite, but just a simple try at reorganizing the generated indexes and things in a more functional way. That is, I just move some items up and others down :) Received on Thu 04 Nov 1999 07:04:17 PM GMT

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