hm_mailcommand is ignored

From: Dan Langille <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 00:48:39 +1300
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I'm trying to use the hm_mailcommand to cause hypermail to not convert email addresses links in articles. I'm specifying:

hm_mailcommand = NONE

in my config file, but if I run hypermail with -v I notice this:

Command and Control Variables:

use_stdin = No
use_mbox = Yes
use_mailto = No
use_mailcommand = Yes
use_domainaddr = No

usetable = No
Other archives not used
hmail address not used

Why is use_mailcommand = Yes ?

Checking the code, the only references to setting use_mailcommand are in hypermail.c and I can't see where it gets it wrong.

FWIW: # hypermail -V
hypermail: Version: 2.0b3 Patchlevel: 0

clues would be helpful.

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