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From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 20:45:14 -0600 (CST)
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# Three questions have come up:
# Consider this codesnipplet from src/print.c :
# | void writedates(char *dir, char *label, int amountmsgs)
# | {
# | int newfile;
# | char filename[MAXFILELEN];
# | FILE *fp;
# |
# | sprintf(filename, "%s%s%s", dir,
# | (dir[strlen(dir) - 1] == '/') ? "" : "/", datename);
# a) What is the string pointer "label" used for?
# It does not occur in the following code of the function.

It is a left over from the move to set_* variables used everywhere. Inconsistencies were in all the write* routines called in hypermail.c I removed the unneeded parameters and baselined it.

# What protects the "filename" buffer from being overrun?
# Except that other limits on "dir" and "datename" might warranty it,
# this kind of code just makes me nervous. :)

Good question. I'll look into it tomorrow and see if msprintf can be used instead. This seems to be the case in all the write* routines, not just writedates().

# c) I know that mprintf seems to be used. The mprintf.h file seems
# to be covered under the MPL v1.0. There is a MPL v1.1.
# Is this all okay with the GPL which some of the rest of hypermail is
# licensed or do you have seperate mprintf from the program?

This is a question that will take some research as I do not have a copy of both in front of me. Some of this is also up to Daniel as he was the one that put MPL on his submitted code. For that matter I'm not too happy with GPL but that was inherited from HP. Maybe when we have replaced all the code inherited from the original 1.02 we can decide which fits the hypermail distribution better. ;-)

# As for the new hypermail release, my comments made a couple of month
# ago still hold and I submitted a couple of replacements for the ugly
# make process in the archive subdirectory. They are based on gmake right
# now, but I would distribute them anyway as alternative.

This was reworked entirely this weekend and I'm testing it now. If things go as I hope then archive changes will be a part of the new release.

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