Re: Munged attachment names (again?)

From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:53:59 -0600 (CST)
Message-Id: <>

# With 2b27 under test, I was dismayed to see an attachment come through
# with a damaged name. Apparently the MTA (Lotus Notes) had lost the
# "Excel" identification and says it's an octet stream, but the unquoted
# filename in the mime header for the attachment was changed from
# rxyz.xls
# to
# xyz.xls_
# That is, the first character was chopped, and a '_' character was
# appended. Is a filename in a MIME header required to be quoted? Even
# if it is, at least one major MTA violates that rule, and hypermail
# should probably accomodate the error.
# Looking at the email with Outlook97, I can't tell what the line ending
# was; looks like it would have been a newline...
# Any ideas why this should be happening?

This is exactly what we need to find. Do you have a message sample you can forward to me so I can play with it to find the bug ?

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