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From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 08:11:09 -0600 (CST)
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# sorry that I didn't answer to most of your mails, but I am not on the
# mailinglist. So here my response.

Well it's pretty easy to subscribe... ;)

# On the testing and release issue: I had hoped that the CVS would also
# include the more experimental code, so that I can get a chance to see
# some of it. Otherwise the chances are high that my little python script
# was all for nothong, because Kent already implemented a nicer version.

For nothing ? You learned XML processing. :) I did nothing about an upper level index page for monthly archives. That's something we need to figure out how to do after 2.0 goes out. Want me to put it in the contrib section ?

We will be establishing a development baseline and a stable baseline. Currently we use the CVS baseline more as a stable baseline than a true development baseline. Now with the new domain, I expect we will be putting a dual baseline structure in place.

# One more: I still think that hypermail should also save the
# full mail body part additionally, when there is an OpenPGP(PGP/MIME
# rfc2015) signed Mail. If we do it first, maybe somebody enhances a
# webbrowser to take advantage of it. Would be cool, if it could check
# the signature then.

I added it to the TODO list in the requests section.

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