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From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 08:38:49 -0600 (CST)
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# Im looking for a good way to throttle hypermail. When it runs it is
# taking over both CPU's on my system. Is there a way to have it limit
# itself?

There is currently no "nice" call in hypermail to limit itself. Maybe we can consider it in the future. You might run it as a subcommand to nice. For example in an aliases file:

 "|nice someval 'hypermail command line'"

I've NEVER tried this so... ;)

You might also be looking at a very large archive with lots of messages being the cause. If so then try breaking it up into smaller archives such as monthly archives. Tools are available for that in the latest release.

And if the list is a high traffic list, consider not running it from a sendmail alias and instead, run it from cron. (To assure it does not run unnecessarily, consider using 'make' to check dependencies on the inbound mailbox and the archive itself. If the mailbox is newer, then run the hypermail command. If not, then no new message have been received so don't bother running it.

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Just some ideas to consider... Hope one helps.

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