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So far so good on this end for 2b28, and given the proximity to the year rollover, our local plans are to roll our archives to this version. (I'm thinking that the risk of remaining bugs is probably smaller than the benefit of having y2k compliant software at this point, with 3 weeks to go; perhaps the calendar tells us we're done with v2.0?)

I'm writing today about a minor, but annoying problem I'm seeing with one MUA's messages. They are properly formatted, as MIME quoted-printable, but the combination of the sender's configuration and our local preferred configuration for hypermail creates an HTML format problem:

The message paragraphs are sent as mostly "long lines" with "soft returns" to wrap the text of the message to <80 char lines for sending. Hypermail reconstructs them (correctly) to the long lines. But our preferred configuration is to "preserve formatting," using a fixed-pitch font and <pre> tags. The result is that the HTML-formatted message must be scrolled horizontally to be read in its entirety.

I don't know about others, but I find horizontal scrolling just about never desirable.

Any ideas how to resolve this conflict? I'm looking for a solution that allows us to stick with <pre> in general, but to fix this one class of messages for which that doesn't work well.

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