RE: Proposal: adding CSS to hypermail

From: Tom von Alten <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 10:11:46 -0700
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Jose wrote:
> Non css-users won't see any of the special style, just the plain one
> that results from the standard interpretation of an HTML file and any
> hard-coded style that it contains (e.g., <BODY ...>.
> CSS is designed to degrade gracefully :)

Yes, it may be so DESIGNED, but life is not so simple.

I just verified that Netscape still has a problem with missing .css links, as of at least v4.51 for NT. If the <head> section has a <link> to a stylesheet which doesn't exist, the PAGE WILL NOT BE RENDERED.

Instead one gets

  File Not Found
  The requested URL [the referenced file] was not found on this server.

If your implementation ensures that the .css file will always exist, in the referenced location, no problem. But prospective users of the CSS capability should be warned.

If one doesn't wish to use CSS, I assume no <link> is put into message file headers? If that assumption is wrong, I have a problem with your implementation.

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