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From: Mark Clear <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 14:53:36 -0600
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I've been using hypermail 1.2 since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and with Y2K looming, I'm finally migrating to 2.0b28. I am very impressed. Santa should be very good to those who have been working so hard on it.

I am having a bit of trouble bending my mind around the threading. I'm sure this has been discussed at length on the list, but if someone could crystallize it for me, that would help. The problem as I see it is that HM is not threading the way I expect it to. Some replies are indented once, others are not indented at all. Nothing is indented more than one level. Some messages are "maybe in reply to," others are "in reply to," implying that sometimes HM is not sure. This does not seem to be related to the indenting. Setting the thrdlevels config variable doesn't seem to have any effect at all.

Also, a minor documentation error. In customizing.html, the section "Using Configuration File Entries" lists the template variables as:

hm_ihtmlheaderfile - the location of the INDEX header template.
hm_ihtmlfooterfile - the location of the INDEX footer template.
hm_mhtmlheaderfile - the location of the MESSAGE header template.
hm_mhtmlfooterfile - the location of the MESSAGE footer template.

Actually, the hm_ prefix should be dropped. It's correct in the sample config file (hmrc.html).

Also, I have a documentation suggestion. In the overview, in the section marked Running Hypermail automatically, I think we ought to also suggest that in /etc/aliases you keep an up-to-date mbox file so that you can rebuild the archive if necessary. I like to do it like this:

wulist: /wu-ftpd/mail-archive/mbox,"|/usr/local/bin/hypermail -i -u -d /wu-ftpd/mail-archive -l \"WU-FTPD Mailing List Archive\""

Can I also make a development suggestion? (Like you could stop me at this point?) A config variable for the name of the defaultindex (currently "index" as defined in src/hypermail.h). Handy for people like me who have non-standard DirectoryIndex directives on their web server.

Thanks for reading.

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