Re: "other archives" link not correct

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Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 09:09:46 +0100 (MET)
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Hello Tom,

In our previous episode, Tom von Alten said:

> The "Other archives" link in the indexes *is* being set, to the contents of th
e 'hm_archives' variable in our .hmrc file. It's getting set to a null string, w hich works as "back" in at least one browser I know, but I'd guess is in general  undefined.

Is this generated HTML the bug you're talking about? I didn't any archives or about entries in my HTML file.

<TH><A HREF="">Other groups</A></TH>

> We just noticed that the "other archives" link being put in the header of messages by 2b28 is not correct, and doesn't seem to respond to changes in either of 'hm_archives' or 'archives' variables. (Are there really supposed to be 2 of those, btw?)

Can you refresh my memory? Did the "other archives" and "about this list" link used to appear in both the indexes and message files? I can't see it in the messages now (not using the tables).

If you can send your .hmrc file (or an extract of it), it could be useful too.

-Jose Received on Fri 24 Dec 1999 10:10:56 AM GMT

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