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Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 14:09:55 +0100 (MET)
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After having got the go ahead from Kent and others (and finding the time to finish testing everything!), I just made my commit.

I tested everything as well as I could. But, from past experience, using different hypermail options can generate different results. Could those of you who have acess to the CVS base give it a try? If there's something wrong, I can fix it. I'm leaving this afternoon, but will be back on Jan. 3 (ocassionally reading my mail).


I think I fixed your "Other archive" link problem. Could you test it?


I committed my formatting changes. I left my annotations in the code /* JK: ... */, which explain why I moved, changed, or deleted something. If all is ok, we can supress them afterwards. You'll find them on print.c, printfile.c, and lang.h.

In lang,h, I was too lazy to move all the messages by 3 units, so I added my 3 new messages for the Mail actions bar at the end of the list. It's such a pain to insert them in other sections. I don't know if there's an easier way to do it. I put a comment saying that.

In setup.c, I noticed there was an extra comma in line 308 (after my commit), just before a structure finished. I removed it as it looks more like a typo. I don't know if I'm missing something there.

In print.c line 480 (after my commit), I had inserted a flag to avoid generating a <PRE>. I surely did this to guarantee we have valid HTML. If ever you have a problem with what's being generated, it's surely because of this line, so you should revert to it. In my tests, all looks ok, but one never knows. This is the only thing in my commit that may have an involuntary side effect (but it's easy to fix, if that happens :).

Finally, when using the showhtml mode, we're generating invalid HTML with the following statement:

<!-- nextthread="start" -->
<!-- reply="end" -->

According to the DTD, you can't have an empty UL. You need to have at least one LI. I didn't fix it because I'm not sure yet how we use that commented stuff.

We find this HTML bug twice in messages.

Note that even if I don't personally use the showhtml option, I try always to test it and other options to see if I haven't broken anything. And sometimes, I fix bugs that doesn't affect me personally. I think this is the price to pay for adding features that don't interest everyone: give a bit, get a bit. It's quite cool to work in an open source project :)

That is all for the moment. I hope that people have more advantages and none or minimal inconvenients from this commit :) I'd have liked to separate what I committed, but I had already changed the code and it would have taken me too long to redo the changes. Moral: it's better to not wait too long between commits :)

I'll now add some doc about CSS, as promised.

Best wishes for the holidays,


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