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From: Tom von Alten <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 10:09:25 -0700
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Thanks for the clue about the "hm_" prefix, Kent. (I took 'em all out on my 2b29 setup and test, and nothing exploded or caught fire.)

I see that I needed another phrase to make my problem statement sensible. What I *meant* to say was:

  The "Other archives" link in the indexes *is* being set, to the   contentsof the 'hm_archives' variable in our .hmrc file. *But in the   individual message headers,* it's getting set to a null string, which   works as "back" in at least one browser I know, but I'd guess is in   general undefined.

I grabbed 2b29 (the last two or three versions have configured and compiled without any hiccups on hp-ux 10.20, btw -- good work!) and tried out Jose's fix (right?).

Jose wrote:
> I found two places in the code where the "other archives" link could
> be made as an empty anchor (href="") and fixed them up. I hope this
> will solve your problem.

Our configuration has 'usetable' = 1 and 'indextable' = on (Hmm, is that a typo? Should it be "1" rather than "on"?). With 2b29, the indexes remain correct, and the messages are "fixed" as follows:

2b28 - message header table had 6 links, "about this list," the 4 indexes, and "Other groups." The last of those pointed to "" and the rest were correct.

2b29 - message header table has 5 links; no "Other groups."

So, the "Other groups" link is no longer incorrect. :-)

This is an adequate fix from my point of view - I don't think the "Other groups" is necessary in each message header, and no link is certainly better than an incorrect one.

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