Re: [hypermail] Language clearing task finished...

From: Nicolas Noble <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 15:14:14 +0100 (CET)
Message-ID: <>

> According to locale(1)
> Formats of informative and diagnostic messages and
> interactive responses.
> One simply sets LC_MESSAGES=en_EN and all stdin/stdout messages will
> stay in english. Would this be possible for LANG != LC_MESSAGES
> as well?

Strange... I don't have this man page. However I have the locale(7) man page that describe the programmer point of view. Have a look at it.

> > Hope I didn't gave you a headache... I sometimes have a bad habit: I speak
> > too much :)
> The same applies to your writing. :) Your mails tend to be loooooooooong...

Yes *hum* sorry... I'll *try* to calm down a bit :)

> Would two message files (domain "hypermail" and "hypermail-web") be
> possible? I have to admit that haven't digged into gettext too much
> recently, so I'm not that sure anymore.

Well, I'm not a gettext-expert, but accordingly to others packages, all the .po files refeers to the same package defined by the configure script.

This gave me an (ugly) idea:
What about *two* packages? One will be hypermail itself, and the other will only be a 'string-server' which will give to hypermail the HTML strings? This can be done using a shared libairie containing the lang_fr() function...

*ugh* what an ugly idea... forget it :)


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