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From: Bailey, Glenn R <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 10:27:14 -0700
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My experience is, with folder-by-date, is the index is removed prior to attempting to update/create new messages in the subdirectories, and if the update fails, the index file is not recreated. Even after the permissions are fixed and tested, if the .hm2index file does not exist, the next message coming in triggers an error that says something like "You must have gdbm option turned on or the archive is empty in order to use folder-by-date" indicating to me that hypermail checks for .hm2index when folder-by-date is enabled and incremental update option to hypermail is used.

What I wonder is, could hypermail, upon detection of the existance of the .hm2index file, and prior to removing it, just copy it off to a backup name like .hm2index.prev. If there is no .hm2index present, then go ahead and send a error message. Then I can come back and recover the index by hand, without having to collect all the mail and use the mbox method to reconstruct the index. This change would not require a lot of code nor very much fancy manuvering or searching, but would make it MUCH simpler to recover the archive to a usable state.

Glenn Bailey

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>To test, may I propose that you try removing the .hm2index from an
>archive that hasn't had the permissions mangled, then prove to yourself
>that it's recreated without complaint when the next mail message

 That doesn't happen with the folder_by_date option (an option which didn't exist when you wrote the gdbm code), because I decided it was impractical to do the usual search for existing html files when such a wide variety of subdirectory names are possible.

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