Re: [hypermail] All messages with the same Subject will be put in one file..

From: Shashank Khanvilkar <>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 13:22:11 -0600
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Thanks.. I will try to look through this.. But do you think this feature might be good for everyone...

I wanted to have this feature so that i can document my research... So all the papers that i read for a particular topic ("VPN" say) will be listed on a single page...


> ("Shashank Khanvilkar") writes:
> >There shoould be one option in the config file that will allow you to
> >all the messages with the same subject line to be listed in only one
> >for e.g. if the person chosses to see the listing according to subject,
> >all the mails having this subject shopuld appear as a list in the same
> >file..
> >If attachements are there , then should be neatly listed for every mail..
> >PLease let me know, how easy would it be, if i want to incorporate such
> >changes..
> The thread_file_depth = 1 option creates an index file for each thread
> (which isn't quite the same as for each subject), but there is no feature
> that puts the full text of multiple messages in one file.
> I suspect I could add a feature to put the full text of a thread or
> into a single file (in addition to the files currently created) with about
> a day's worth of effort. I'm not sure whether I will find time for that.
> If you want to try, start by looking at the beginning of the
> function, and at what the thread_file_depth option does.
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