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From: Nigel Metheringham <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 11:37:05 +0100
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[lots of good stuff elided...] said:
} Within the HTML markup of the message, where the binary was removed, I
} would like to see a relative URL inserted into the message which is a
} pointer to the binary. If the MIME type is known, adding an extension
} to the file when it is saved to disk would aid a browser in processing
} the file with a helper application upon retrieval.

} <a href="bins/binary0000.xcl">binary attachment</a>
} (where 0000 corresponds to message 0000.html in the superdirectory)

You need to allow for n additional parts per message. Additionally the chunk of HTML in the message should include information on the type of the MIME part (extensions never work that well). We'll also need some form of type->extension map. I guess the mime.types file mostly does that... maybe should be configurable in the hypermail config.

I also believe that the content-transfer-encoding stuff should be undone and the things saved as binary (not base64 etc).

[definitely agree with permissions for extracted parts]

} Perl is a better option than that, but the Perl things I've worked
} with are god-awfully slow and tremendous resource hogs. As
} inefficient as Hypermail is, a C source is a must for what I'm trying
} to do with it...

perl need not be slow... Its problem is the startup time which tends to be a considerable chunk of the run time for small jobs. Its actual run speed is normally very good and memory usage depends very much on how you program it. Where we need the speed is for the addition of a single message to an archive.

Whether there is a case for some form of hybrid form (perl for big operations, small tight C prog for individual additions) is an interesting debate. However I guess doing things this was is just too complicated.

The MHonArc stuff does really look quite nice - frames & embedded MIME types - worth looking at for ideas....


for their example output....


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