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From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 08:16:44 +0200
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(All this are my opinions, feel free to comment)

Now that everybody has had their chance to write their opinions about hypermail and all sorts of related software to this list, I think we can get down to some more real-world talk.

It seems that people see a need for Hypermail, despite all competition. It wouldn't make sense to convert it into another language then, since that would make it more or less like one of the "competitors". We do it in C. As someone said, it will be the only really portable language anyway.

To move from talk to action, I think it needs to be settled once and for all: rewrite or extending ?

If we are gonna rewrite it, it takes some serious thoughts on how to build this in a better way than 1.02 was. If we are gonna extend the existing source, we need to get a version put together with as many of all good patches applied, so that we all have something to download and try, improve and play with.

I am personally very interested in the developing side of this, as the features, the dreams and the what-we-could-do-to-this talks can and will continue for a long time anyway. Those talks are needed, yes, but I'd like to get the developer effort started at the same time.

It will take some central administrator to set up the CVS repository and initial manual labour to make the initial version. Later, we'll need some coordination on the developers and the developing so that i.e certain persons can sign on certain tasks to be implemented.

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