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Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 07:52:19 +0200
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Ok, I accidentaly mailed this to mr Darrah privately only, here it comes to the list...
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Byron C. Darrah wrote:
> Okay, second comment now. This is regarding the suggestion someone offered
> in a reply about putting all of the attachments for all the messages in a
> "bins" directory.
Oh well, the current method saves the binary attachments in the same directory as the HTML files, with a random name prefixed with 'bin'. Of course there may be reasons to change that.
> I suggest that there should be a subdirectory for *each* message that has
> attachments.
[picture cut out]
> This way, all of the attachments for a particular message are grouped
> together, which makes them easy to find, and easy to delete when one
> wishes to remove message 0042 from the archive.
Excuse me, but why would you want to remove message 0042? You'd ruin a bunch of links and generally mess up. It would be much better to remove that particular mail from the mbox-file, remove all hypermail-generated stuff and then regenerate the entire archive...
> It also lets the
> attachments keep their original file names, if they such is given in their
> mime headers (and it usually is).
I thought about this too, and I may go back at trying to use this method too, but... 1. The file name used in the mail doesn't necessary have to be usable or even preferable to use. I.e if it contains '/' in a unix machine, if it contains whitespaces or if it contains '\' in an MS-OS machine. There would have to be a very complicated is_this_a_sane_filename() function to verify that. 2. Nothing prevents the same mail to contain several attachments that use the same file name although with different contents. -- Daniel Stenberg - Software, Network and Unix GSM: +46 - 708 - 31 77 42 http://www.fts.frontec.se/~dast
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