Hypermail 2.0b3 is available

From: Kent Landfield <kent_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 22:40:29 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <199808210340.WAA09576_at_landfield.com>

Version 2.0b3 of Hypermail is finally available. The latest release can be retrieved via

   FTP: ftp://ftp.landfield.com/hypermail/hypermail.tar.gz

This is a link to the actual hypermail-2.0b3.tar.gz tar file. You can also get to the new version via the Hypermail Development Center located at


I am *very* interested in feedback on this version, positive or negative.

Changes in this release:

  o Added validation of domains so that the generation of mailto: is     much more accurate than the previous method.

  o Added support for Content-Disposition MIME Header so as to get the     filename from the header.

  o Added verification of filenames to assure they are safe to use and     will not cause filesystem problems

  o Fixed a problem with parsing the ending MIME boundary (it expended headers     following that)

  o Found and removed a one-byte buffer overflow in the line continuation code.

  o Corrected docs/hypermail.1 and TODO to reflect the proper RFC 822     parsing was actually included in version 2.0b1

  o Corrected a typo in string.c that prevented the proper generation     of mailto: links for email names with numbers [0-9] in them.

  o Corrected the base64 decoder error which caused files to get an     extra zero-byte appended at times. (When storing attachments to disk.)

  o Added additional ported systems to the README

  o Removed the "#ifndef" from the defines in options.h. We do not want to     inherit any define values from other places. If there are confilcts     then I need to correct them. Inheriting defines can lead to unforeseen     results.

  o attachments:

  o buffers and overflows

  o multipart/alternative

  o output

  o parsing

REAL Thanks! are in order for Daniel Stenberg and David D. Kilzer. They helped GREATLY with making this release possible by sending in enhancements, comments and bug fixes. Thanks Guys!   


If you have suggestions you would like to make please post them to the hypermail_at_landfield.com mailing list or use the Suggestion facility on the Development Center.

Enjoy! And again, thanks to all who contributed.

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