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Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 17:38:51 -0600 (MDT)
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        Honestly, this is cosmetic...

        When viewing an archive in thread mode, the hyperlinks to each original message are ok, but those that are threads, the hyperlink extends to include an extra space between the subject of the message and the author's name.

Original message:

<LI><A HREF="0003.html">

  <STRONG>Empty QUERY_STRING</STRONG></A> <A NAME="3"><EM>Grahame   Falvey</EM></A>


<LI><A HREF="0004.html">

  <STRONG>Re: Empty QUERY_STRING </STRONG></A> <A NAME="4">   <EM>ma_muquit_at_fccc.edu</EM></A>

        Notice the extra space right before </STRONG> on the thread line, but not on the original message. That space makes it that the next one (between the anchors) doesn't get displayed (don't we all love html?), so it looks as if there is no space between the hyperlink and the author's name.

        Take a look at http://wwwcount.yeehaw.com/archives/9807/index.html

	Next suggestion/request:
	Any way to make the configuration file accept things like:

	<option> = <<'EOF'



	Sort of like majordomo's configuration file (for those that use


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