Re: adding new messages to prior hypermail archive

From: Charles Hall <>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:45:27 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason wrote:
> Then I tried what Charles suggested... However, the original 467 message
> entries in the index were overwritten with the 467 dummy messages. So
> my index files are now useless....

Ouch! I hope you can recover from this. I didn't realize. Sorry.

> Perhaps have a switch for "append to existing archive" when we have a new
> mbox file

Yes, Yes! I need this functionality too. I prefer not to add messages one at a time through the day as Hypermail would go re-indexing over and over again, so I let my mail collect till the end of the month, and run hypermail once nightly. Since there's no append function, Hypermail has to churn through all that month's mail each night. If I could append, I could erase the mailbox each night and only process that day's mail.

MHonArc has this feature, but I believe it keeps a small database to remember what's been done before. Perhaps such info could be hidden in the indexes as HTML comments??

Charles Hall
Raleigh, NC
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