I would like to have avaliable a couple Hypermail variables.

From: Randall S. Winchester <rsw_at_Glue.umd.edu_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 02:41:24 -0400 (EDT)
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I am considering using Hypermail for a large number of automatically generated lists. To ease installation woes, it would be helpful to have some more generic capabilities for many of hypermails options.

I would like something like:

HM_LISTNAME listname

hm_listname = [ listname | NONE ]

-L <listname>

     This options specifies the name of the list being archived. This is a 
     convienent variable to have defined as it can be used as a cookie or
     environemntal variable in documentation references.

-H <hostname>
Set this to the hostname you want added to a mail address appearing in the RFC822 field which lack a hostname. It is usefull on the command line when servicing virtual hosts.

%L - name of current list

%H - name of current host. Convienient for archiving with virtual hosting.

For example for a default .hmrc file:

hm_label = Hypermail discussion list for %L_at_%H
hm_archives = http://%H
hm_about = http://%H/%L
hm_dir = /var/hypermail/%H/%L/%y/%M
hm_ihtmlheaderfile = /var/hypermail/%H/%L/owner/idxheader.hyp
hm_ihtmlfooterfile = /var/hypermail/%H/%L/owner/idxfooter.hyp
hm_mhtmlheaderfile = /var/hypermail/%H/%L/owner/msgheader.hyp
hm_mhtmlfooterfile = /var/hypermail/%H/%L/owner/msgfooter.hyp
hm_hmail = %L_at_%H

And for those default header and footer .hyp files:

Welcome to the %L archive at %H.

To subscibe to this list send email to <A HREF="mailto:%L-request_at_%H"> with the word "subscribe" on its on line in the message body.

Once subscribed, you can send mail to the list at <A HREF="mailto:%L_at_%H">.

If you have a content issue with something on the list, please mail to <A HREF="mailto:%L-owner_at_%H">

Does this seem reasonable enough? Mostly a more frequently used variable substitution routine.

A more difficult endevor which could also be helpful would be to leverage off of the case where %L is used in the hm_dir variable along with other date formats (%y, %M, etc) being used. In this case, it would be nice to have Hypermail generate the "homepage(s)" for the directory traversals on the fly. The page would need to be created initially (-d option) and then updated anytime a new directory was automaticaly created.

If this were done, then two addition .hyp files would be good: hm_lhtmlheaderfile = /var/hypermail/%H/%L/owner/lstheader.hyp hm_lhtmlfooterfile = /var/hypermail/%H/%L/owner/lstfooter.hyp

Probably put a link to my search engine in "hm_lhtmlfooterfile"....

Not sure how much of this has been discussed before, or how active development is, having recently joined your list. Seems like a nice tool though... I have alot of users who would appreciate Hypermail.

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