Hypermail's own archive pages messed up

From: John Van Essen <vanes002_at_umn.edu_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 00 02:38:55 CST
Message-Id: <111747.vanes002_at_umn.edu>

I have a few questions/observations:
  1. Who receives email sent to hypermail-bugs_at_hypermail.org? I sent in a bug report and a patch on Jan 13 and have not yet gotten a reply. I originally wasn't going to bother this list with it, but I guess that's the procedure?
  2. What happens to email sent to hypermail_at_hypermail.org (or to hypermail_at_landfield.com) when one is not a member of the list? I sent two messages about the screwed up web archives and they never did appear - even in the unix mailbox files.

The site page for the hypermail mailing list should state that email from non-subscribers is thrown away as an anti-spam measure if that is indeed what is happening.

Now to the main topic...

3) The web-based hypermail mailing list archives are messed up. The January 2000 archive has only had one message all month. This does not speak too well for the 'product' when it's own home-site usage is messed up. ;-D

The problem seems to be caused by the unix mailing list being named hypermail.10001 instead of hypermail.0001 (you really should be using 4-digit years, eh? :D). Check your scripts that automate the adding of hypermail list messages to the web-based archives.

The 'Mailing List Archives' link in the /hypermail/ menu frame refers to /hypermail/archives.html, which does not have an up-to-date list of archive months. But the 'About This List' link in the index pages for each month points to /hypermail/mail-archive/ which is more up to date. Use that for the 'Mailing List Archives' link and throw away the archive.html file?

A reminder needs to be emailed to the webmaster on the first of each month to add a link for that month to the /hypermail/mail-archive/ table of contents. February isn't there yet.

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