Re: Hypermail's own archive pages messed up

From: Kent Landfield <>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 09:52:36 -0600 (CST)
Message-Id: <>

# I have a few questions/observations:
# 1) Who receives email sent to
# I sent in a bug report and a patch on Jan 13 and have not yet
# gotten a reply. I originally wasn't going to bother this list
# with it, but I guess that's the procedure?

I replied to the first message and I fixed the page. I have been traveling on the east coast and getting snowed in. Lovely weather... Normally things are answered quickly. The patch you sent was for 2b26 but I have incorporated it here and it is being tested.

# 2) What happens to email sent to (or to
# when one is not a member of the list?
# I sent two messages about the screwed up web archives and they
# never did appear - even in the unix mailbox files.

If there is a non-member submission then the listserver forwards the message to me for approval. This is for spam filtering only. There are currently no messages awaiting approval.

# The site page for the hypermail mailing list should state that
# email from non-subscribers is thrown away as an anti-spam measure
# if that is indeed what is happening.

It's not. I approve them if they are not spam. This is because there are so many local email list exploders subscribed to the hypermail list.

# Now to the main topic...
# 3) The web-based hypermail mailing list archives are messed up.
# The January 2000 archive has only had one message all month.
# This does not speak too well for the 'product' when it's own
# home-site usage is messed up. ;-D

Damn... UID screwups are driving me nuts. I'm going to fix this in hypermail where it should be. Someone here changed the ownership on the archive with a blanket chown. Needless to say that prevented messages from getting stored... sigh...

# The problem seems to be caused by the unix mailing list being named
# hypermail.10001 instead of hypermail.0001 (you really should be using
# 4-digit years, eh? :D). Check your scripts that automate the
# adding of hypermail list messages to the web-based archives.

:) The cruddy msg2archive program that's been archiving things here was overlooked. ;) ooops. This is being changed in the baseline.

# The 'Mailing List Archives' link in the /hypermail/ menu frame
# refers to /hypermail/archives.html, which does not have an up-to-date
# list of archive months. But the 'About This List' link in the index
# pages for each month points to /hypermail/mail-archive/ which is more
# up to date. Use that for the 'Mailing List Archives' link and throw
# away the archive.html file?

Done. I'm in the process of moving things around here in preparation of dedicated facilities and thought that file was a link... Not!

# A reminder needs to be emailed to the webmaster on the first of each
# month to add a link for that month to the /hypermail/mail-archive/
# table of contents. February isn't there yet.

This was a by product of the ownership issue. It is normally done automatically.

Thanks John.

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