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Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 09:02:59 +0200 (MET DST)
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Hello hyper-folks,

I'm sorry if I haven't written much since the beginning of the year. I was caught in a collaborative annotations project and found out I was the only developer, where we were expecting to be two :-) Happily, the "crisis" is over now and I can come back to contribute a bit more to hypermail.

So, what has been going on on my hypermail side?

At the end of December, I switched all of W3Cs mailing lists to the hypermail that was committed to CVS (over 350 lists). Previously, I had been using a patched hypermail 1.x. Y2K bugs helps getting things done. I had reported on this at the time.

I'm happily to report that the archives have been working without problems. We've detected two minor bugs concerning the generated HTML, which is not valid in two specific cases.

There's another problem with munged headers in some cases. I have the exact bug reports, but I have to dig them up.

I'll soon have time to continue working with Hypermail. What I'd like to add is:

-enhance the CSS support

Is anyone already working or interested in some of the above points? I don't claim exclusivity on any of them, except the last one, naturally :)

In addition, I now have time to help setting up an ssh CVS access on our CVS server if we still want it.


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