RE: [hypermail] 2.0 ?

From: Tom von Alten <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 13:25:54 -0700
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Kent Landfield wrote:
> Testing is the only thing that is up in the air. I need people to be
> able to test it outside of here. I'm too close to it. I'm in a rut
> when it comes to testing. I need to have others look at it from a
> different perspective, try different things, try to break it.
> Please let the list know what you find. That's the only thing holding
> up 2.0...

We put 2b29 in place just before the Big Ticklet, so we have 9+ months of in-service testing, here. No particular stress testing, but we haven't found any problems that required modification.

I say "ship it!" (Assuming nothing's been broken going to 2b30, of course. :-*

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