Re: [hypermail] deleting messages, honoring Expires, X-No-Archive

From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 12:24:04 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>

>delete_msgnum - a list of msgnums to be marked as deleted in the mbox
> (if present) using the first entry in the "deleted" option list, and
> deleted from the html archive.
>-0 "msgnum msgnum" - command line equivalent for delete_msgnum.

 I've been having some doubts about whether the mbox should be automatically altered. It appears difficult to deal with the possibility of another program trying to update the mbox at the same time.  I'm inclined to think that the mbox should only be altered if some additional option says it should be. I'm wondering whether to use the "append" option (a new option designed to maintain the mbox during incremental updates) for this purpose or whether I should create a new option.

 Also, I'm wondering how to handle undeleted message that are replies to deleted messages. It appears that the program needs to at least keep track of these links internally to avoid bogus subject matches. It would seem natural that it still indicate something about the deleted message in the replying message, maybe something like altering the normal link to say: "In reply to [deleted message]: " <author, subject> and linking to the deleted stub if we aren't completely removing deleted files. I still plan to leave links to these deleted messages out of all index files, but I'm unsure how hard it will be to make the thread.html file look good when there's a deleted file in the middle of a chain.

 I'm still undecided about whether the default should be to entirely remove deleted messages, or to merely mark them as deleted and remove most links to them, and would welcome additional comments on this subject.

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