[hypermail] tar file of pre-commit hypermail WAI enhancements

From: Jose Kahan <jose.kahan_at_w3.org_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 19:18:37 +0200
Message-ID: <20030505171837.GE12026_at_inrialpes.fr>


If you remember, in some previous mails I said I was going to add some WAI enhancements to hypermail and that I would send a message saying what things would change. The first step towards this convertion was the upgrade to XHTML.

Well, I didn't send the message before because I was busy coding them and understanding the extent of the changes! It took some time to do them, but now they're ready!

My previous attempt had failed because there are too many archive customization features inside hypermail (with/without table formatting, ...) so it was hard to know what to change to keep things compatible. I had been granted at the time the equivalent of a "carte blanche" to change things to make them cleaner.

In a nutshell, the biggest changes are:

  I made a mistake as I prefixed all these options with the letter i   which was intended for indexes. They are used for both indexes and   messages, though.

For a more detailed description of the WAI enhancements, you can consult the WAI proposal [1].

There is a price to pay for the WAI enhancements (unless we find out a workaround): the backward compatibilty with existing archives. This is not so serious as it sounds! I mean that when upgrading a given period in the mail archive, hypermail uses HTML comments as internal markers, to know which parts of old messages it should update. This is used for example, when adding the next/previous links to messages. I had to change the name of some of those markers because the new markup has become completely different. This means that if you upgrade to the new hypermail, the previous messages won't be updated to give the new links to new messages. The indexes will be updated, though. A solution could be to detect the previous marker name and generate the old style of markup, but this has to be programmed.

I've generated a tar file with the current state of the changes [2]. A second tar file gives my test .hmrc file with the new configuration options and some sample included files [3].

There's still some (in my opinion minor) work to be done: (
- I fixed some XHTML formatting bugs I hadn't noticed before. Including
  the thread view where the lists weren't generated using the   <ul><li> model we should have used.   

  The only XHTML convertion bugs that need cleaning up are those   related when converting the message body to HTML (well, XHTML in fact)   rather than using a <pre>. The <p> it's adding are missing   the </p>. There may be other cases, but I haven't found them out yet.

All in all, I think that most of the work has been done. Could the developers and other interested party look at the tar files and see what they think?

I must add that I won't be able to work on a daily basis on the WAI changes until the end of May because I have a forthcoming conference and I've to prepare a demo of another project.

Nevertheless, I hope you give me the approval to commit these new changes, even if there's still some work to do. It'll help avoid CVS conflicts if new patches are applied. And maybe you can help me finish the last few details that are missing and test it a bit more,

I wait for your feedback!

Thanks for reading so far!


[1] http://www.w3.org/2002/03/archives-improvements/
[2] ftp://ftp.w3.org/pub/hypermail/hypermail+wai.tar.gz
[3] ftp://ftp.w3.org/pub/hypermail/hypermail+wai_options.tgz
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