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Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 09:51:56 -0700 (MST)
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I forgot to mention in my last post that there are a number of other changes needed to HTML files to become XHTML files.
  1. all tags are lowercase i.e. <html> instead of <HTML>
  2. all tags have closing tags or are empty tags i.e. <br /> or <br></br> instead of just <br> NOTE: The space in <br /> is optional, but it makes some older browsers happy that won't understand <br/>.
  3. all tag parameters must be quoted, i.e. border='0' or border="0" instead of border=0
  4. all tag parameters must have lable="value" format, i.e. checked="checked" instead of just checked
  5. just plain avoid all evil tags like <marqee> and <layers> that are non-standard.

These are just off the top of my head. Like I said before though, it's probably not worth the effort to go all out to fix them now. It's probably best just to follow the rules for new HTML and fix old html here and there in passing. BTW, there are probably tools out there to turn old HTML to XHTML. This should fix templates and static pages. The hard part may just be in the code itself.

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Kent Landfield wrote:

> In the past we have had a mixture of uppercase and lowercase
> HTML tags in the generated hypermail pages. With 2.0 nearly
> there some effort was expended in making the tags all the
> same. Uppercase has been recommended so Uppercase it was.
> Now I see that the XHTML 1.0 spec demands that all tags be
> lowercase. XHTML support is a natural extension after 2.0
> goes out.
> Stupid question of the day... Should we convert the current
> HTML tags to lowercase now or wait ? If now, I'll do it while
> fixing a couple things here. If later, will we be causing future
> problems for archives generated with 2.0 ? Comments ?
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