[hypermail] What aa I doing wrong?

From: virtanen <hvirtane_at_cc.jyu.fi_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 20:28:17 +0200 (EET)
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I'm running Debian GNU/Linux 'Potato' and hypermail (2.0b25-1).
(Linux kernel 2.2.17)

I'm trying to configure it so that there would be buttons 'send a new message' and so on available.

For some reason my configuration doesn't work in that respect. All the rest I want to do is working, but 'send' buttons don't appear.

My config is shown as follows:

(in ~/õplaa):

less .hmrc

hm_usetable = 1
hm_mail = oplaa_at_fr420.edu.jyu.fi
# hm_domainaddr = fr420.edu.jyu.fi
# indextable = 0

hm_label = Hyvi<E4> oppimiskokemuksia
hm_about = http://fr420.edu.jyu.fi/oplaa/oplaalista.html
language = fi

hm_ihtmlfooterfile = /var/www/oplaa/oplaafoot.html   

less .forward:

"|/usr/bin/hypermail -n oplaa_at_fr420.edu.jyu.fi -i -u -d /var/www/oplaa"

Hannu Virtanen
hvirtane_at_cc.jyu.fi Received on Fri 23 Feb 2001 08:31:24 PM GMT

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