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From: Len Laughridge <llaughridge_at_atherogenics.com_at_hypermail-project.org>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 12:13:12 -0400
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I am trying to use Hypermail as a means of archiving users' vast quantities of Outlook Express messages that they just can't live without. I intend to create an IMAP login in OE and move messages to appropriately-named folders in their mailserver home directory. No problems here.

The problem occurs because the users will create a folder for 'Foo' in OE, and file both sent and received messages related to 'Foo' in this folder, the same for 'Bar', and so on. The sent messages, of course, will have no message ID's.

The hmrc file gives a choice of allowing messages without message ID's, or not. Both options screw me. If I don't allow no-ID messages, none of the sent mail gets archived (wrong answer). If I DO allow no-ID messages, the following happens:

If I move the 'Foo' and 'Bar' folders from OE to the server, and invoke

     hypermail -c /etc/hypermail/hmrc -d MailArch -m Foo

followed by

     hypermail -c /etc/hypermail/hmrc -d MailArch -m Bar

it appears at first to work, generating bogus message IDs for the 'sent' messages that don't have them. HOWEVER, it tries to create the SAME messagenumber.html filename again! If I've chmod 444'd the files, it will not write e.g. 0011.html again, but it will change the index file to show the NEW filename. That is, after archiving Foo I used to have a message to Joe in the Subject index. Now that message no longer shows up after adding in the archive of Bar. Now, I see a message to Bob in the Subject index, but when I click on it, it actually links to the (now unindexed) message to Joe!!!!!

Other than this 'issue', Hypermail would be an excellent solution for me. PLEASE help, if you can...


Len Laughridge
Network & Systems Administrator
AtheroGenics, Inc
Received on Mon 09 Apr 2001 06:23:19 PM GMT

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