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Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 17:35:32 -0500 (CDT)
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I have added an OpenFaq capability to www.hypermail.org. It allows anyone who wants to contribut their experiences and knowledge to the hypermail faq to do so. If you want to contribute, you register with the system and it sends you a password to use to update the FAQ. Nice little tool and a start at expanding the information around Hypermail. Take a look. Here are some general notes about OpenFAQ.

   Anyone can read an article without logging in.    

   In order to add or edit or remove articles, you must apply for a    password, which is delivered to you by email. This gives you a small    stake (your email account) in the value of what you submit. (It will    ONLY be used to allow you access to add/modify faq entries.)    

   Logging in provides an environment in which a user name is known.    

   Actions performed by those who have logged in are:    

     Add an article
     Update an article
     Remove an article

   You must check out an existing article if you wish to update it. This    prevents simultaneous updates. If an article has been checked out too    long the original person checking it out is sent email notifying them    that they have lost the update pen, and the request is granted.    

   Unapproved submissions do not appear in the index. Instead the moderator    must confirm them through the web interface and gets an opportunity to    edit first on the approval page.    

   Articles can only contain the following HTML constructs:    

<a href>

   ... which ensures a level playing field.    

   Articles are assigned a permanent name by the system, for use in    cross-reference links.    

Please contribute.

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