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From: David D. Kilzer <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 17:10:43 -0500
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Hi Lori,

>I am working on upgrading our existing Hypermail 1.02 program to the new
>beta version. Things seems to be going smoothly so far. However, I'm
>most interested in setting this up to chunk the archives by month -- in
>other words, to set it up so that every message that comes in during
>August gets loaded to an August 98 page, and messages in Sept.
>get loaded to a Sept. 98 page, etc. I know this is possible somehow
>because you have your Hypermail Development archives set up this way. Is
>this something that has to be done manually at the start of each month?
>Is there a way to do this automatically within the program?

The separation of messages into months is usually done by the mail list software, specifically Majordomo. If your mail list software doesn't perform this function for you, you will have to write a filter program that will read in the mail archives, split them up by date, and then run Hypermail on the split archives.

You may also be able to modify the process that you're currently using to split the mail messages into archives as they come in (rather than doing it after the month/year is over). Charles Hall's script is one example of a program that will do this.

>If this is a question that is already discussed somewhere on the site,
>could you just point me to that page/section? I'm a bit overwhelmed by
>all the documentation and I'm afraid I may have missed something obvious.

If you can give more information about what mail list software you're using and/or the format of the archives, someone may be able to provide more help.

For example, the ADV-HTML mailing list is run by LISTSERV software on a mainframe at the University of Alabama. The archives were stored in a LISTSERV format that did not use the "From Date" line to separate messages, and filter software had to be written in order to index them using Hypermail.


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