Setting Timezone

From: Darrell Burkey <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 22:46:24 +1100
Message-ID: <018a01bf5c29$7d875960$>

I've been using hypermail 2b28 on a mail archive called from a cron job and from the command line without problem. All the dates appear in my timezone even though the archive is on a server in a different timezone. I've placed a TZ command in the config file I'm using and that seems to work fine.

Now that I try the same setup by piping messages into hypermail from a procmail recipe the dates end up as the local time of the server.

Can someone advise me how to correct this?

Darrell Burkey
0408 622 647 Received on Tue 11 Jan 2000 01:50:24 PM GMT

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