Re: [hypermail] French translation (cont'd)

From: Emmanuel Blot <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 10:43:53 +0000
Message-ID: <>

>My knowledge of French is rather rusty, but I don't think Sans doute is
>a reasonable translation of Maybe. Any suggestions?

"Sans doute" should mean, if french was a logical language 'without any doubt', which is not 8)
In spoken french, it's rather close to 'maybe' than to 'for sure' 8')

'Probablement' may fit as well.
However, I think 'peut etre' should be avoided here.

>I have some doubts about this addition to hypermail.c:
>>+#ifdef HAVE_LOCALE_H
>>+ if ( ! setlocale(LC_ALL, set_language) ) {
>>+ sprintf(errmsg, "WARNING: setlocale: \"%s\" %s.", set_language,
>>+ fprintf(stderr, errmsg);
>>+ }
> I get this warning when I run it:
>WARNING: setlocale: "en" Language not supported.

Are you sure you system supports localization ? I tried once more with french (fr), english (en) and it worked. I had to install the localization packages for each language, but english (my system has been installed with the english package by default) . Warning was produced with the german (de) language till I installed the deutch package and so on.

It's nice to get the date/time in the same language than the messages/HTML text rather than to get the american/english dates. setlocale allows strftime() to produce the localized date/time strings.

You may want to add a flag in ./configure script in order to activate such a feature, but I think it should be available. Which Linux distribution are you running ? Another patch would be not to call 'setlocale' when language is 'english': Systems that do not support localization are in english, so it makes no sense to set the locale in this case. However, it may prohibit to get english date/time on non-english distribution, which may be bad.

It's up to you 8)

>And there may be problems involving Swedish. peter karlsson said a while ago:
>>Also, the ISO code for the Swedish language is "sv", not "se". (The ISO
>>code for Sweden *is* "se", that's where the confusion comes from,
>>language "se" is Samic).

Peter K. is right. ISO code for swedish is 'sv' I think hypermail should be fixed in order to support standardized, ISO code: char *se[] may become char *sv[].
It makes sense since these two-letter codes are defined by ISO.

Did you know why some HTML strings (at least, the comment in src/lang.h indicates HTML target) are reparsed by hypermail, and translated from &special;char to &amp;pecial;char ? I think that anyway, &special; chars (HTML escaped char) are not required anymore:
It's probably better to use a META directive in the HTML header like:   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> and to use no-escaped characters, as long as they are part of the specified charset (with obvious restrictions for < and >)

Thanks for hypermail, it is a GREAT tool.


ps: I'm already subscribed to too many mailing lists, so I did not subscribe to the hypermail's ML: please CC: me for any reply, thanks. Received on Fri 23 Nov 2001 08:13:41 PM GMT

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