Re: [hypermail] French translation (cont'd)

From: Emmanuel Blot <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 14:47:11 +0000
Message-ID: <>

>>+#ifdef HAVE_LOCALE_H
>>+ if ( ! setlocale(LC_ALL, set_language) ) {
>>+ sprintf(errmsg, "WARNING: setlocale: \"%s\" %s.", set_language,
>>+ fprintf(stderr, errmsg);
>>+ }
> I get this warning when I run it:
>WARNING: setlocale: "en" Language not supported.

Ok, I found the problem:
Several system are relying on a more complex locale definition, that is, locale needs two parameters:

that is, locale parameter is ll_cc[opt]

  ll is the language in ISO language format, lowercase   cc is the country in ISO country format, uppercase   opt (optional parameters) may vary, for example it can be "_at_euro"

for example, english language can be set as:


etc. You can find the complete list available on your system in /usr/share/i18n/locales

How to deal with such a parameter in hypermail ?

  1/ use two parameters: one for the message language, one for the LC_TIME localization

      I don't really like this idea. It's not straightforward for the end user
  2/ use one parameters, in ISO format:

        en_GB or fr_FR for example
      It could be easily achieve this way:


    #use the full ISO locale for system
    if ( ! setlocale(LC_TIME /*or LC_ALL */, set_language) ) {

        sprintf(errmsg, "WARNING: setlocale: \"%s\" %s.", set_language,
        fprintf(stderr, errmsg);


    # restrict locale to the language parameter, remove country and extra paramters if any

    if ( strlen(set_language) > 2 && set_language[2] == '_' ) {       set_language[2] = '\0';

    # the old code is not changed
    if ((tlang = valid_language(set_language)) == NULL) {

        sprintf(errmsg, "\"%s\" %s.", set_language,


It also requires a smal effort on the help message, and an updated FAQ/documentation, in order to produce something like this:

  > -L lang : Specify language to use (de_* en_* es_* fi_* fr_* is_* se_* )

(note that the se_ parameter has still to be changed to match the ISO format: sv_*)

I think this new implementation will fix up the problem AND provide 'standard' localization.

Emmanuel. Received on Fri 23 Nov 2001 08:13:41 PM GMT

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