Re: Question about MIME and HTML Email

From: Byron C. Darrah <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 10:46:11 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>

I have a couple of comments/suggestions to add to the current discussion of whether to inline HTML and how to do it.

I think it would be highly appropriate for hypermail to be HTML-friendly since, after all, it's purpose is to output web pages. But as it has been pointed out, we can't simply do a straightforward inclusion of HTML into a hypermail page, since that leads to all kinds of nesting and security problems. So a filter is needed that sanitizes HTML so that it can be directly included within a hypermail message.

I know that writing such a filter would not be trivial, but I don't think it's a really tough job, either.

Here is what I think the filter should do:

Am I missing anything?

Whether to inline HTML messages should still be optional, but with a filter like this, the default setting should probably be "yes".

There are probably C libraries or flex/bison sources already freely available to do stuff close to this. Or maybe someone on this list would like to code up a nice little one-piece filter?

I actually have some code sitting around that would probably be easy for me to modify to get it to do this. Kent, if you like, I could do this and give you the result.

--Byron Darrah Received on Thu 15 Oct 1998 07:50:03 PM GMT

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